Shame on you!

Negativity is everywhere, all the time. It’s like every blog or article on my newsfeed includes a rant and something to be miserable about or offended over.

Someone told you to cherish your time with your kids and that made you feel like you didn’t enjoy them enough? Shame on them! Shame on people around you trying to connect with you and share with you the feeling of their nostalgia as they see you with your kids! Shame on them to want you to grasp what you obviously can’t in their well meaning wishes!

So, someone asked you for the 100th time, “What are you?” They MUST be racist(I’m half Indian and have been asked this more than I can count)? Shame on those people to try and connect with you and your possibly different culture! Shame on them to want to learn about the people around them!

So, someone disagrees with you politically? Time to start the name calling! Shame on them for wanting better for their families by a different path!

So, someone shockingly disagrees with you about ANYTHING? Shame on them for having an opinion! Shame on them for being JUST LIKE YOU but with different a worldview!

Shame on them for being born out of a different upbringing!

Shame! Shame on them! Shame on their families! Shame on them all for being human!!

It happens to me too. Just the other day, a lady asked me if I was going to have another baby soon. I was kind of offended. I should have just told her, “No, I’m just fat,” but the witty remarks never come to me in the moment. I realize now that she wasn’t trying to be mean. It’s my own fault (along with a bad genetic draw) that I look like I do. Why should I be mad at her? I thought about writing a whole complaining post about her, but I’m not and won’t. I’m going to be better. I’m going to choose not to be offended. I’m going to choose not to complain. I’m going to choose to put myself in her shoes!


Because as easy as it is to be offended and shun the world, it’s far more beneficial to my own personal mentality to attempt to see the world from someone else’s perspective. It’s so easy to take offense these days. On Facebook, there’s a new rant every day, and how could anyone overlook our current political climate? It’s so easy to put ourselves in a bubble, surrounded by people who only think like us and call the rest nasty names for their different opinions, but we limit ourselves so much when we do that. We close our hearts and put a stopper on our understanding of the world; we stifle our compassion, and we crush someone else just like us but a little different.

So much of the world has become hostile. I’ve cleaned my Facebook feed out more times than I can count at this point, keeping only the constructive differing opinions. I’m fairly certain we’ve all been guilty of taking the easy way out, of becoming offended when someone says or does something rude, and it’s a natural reaction, but what would the world be like if we didn’t do that? How expanded would our perspectives be if we allowed another type of person in, if we chose to look through their eyes before becoming offended?

For now, I can only wish we could all live and learn from one another, and maybe one day, it won’t be such a rare thing. Maybe one day we can all be a little less offended. Maybe one day we can realize that we’re all just human and need some compassion every once in awhile.


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