Meet Mytra


I’m Mytra. Some people call me “Mytch.” When I’m not at work, you can find me taking a nap, chatting over coffee, or reading a book(young adult fantasy is my favorite genre). I love visiting cities that I’ve never been to before and seeing everything there is to see! I WILL most likely take a picture of it!

I love words, to read them, to edit them, and to write them. I’ve seen words build up and destroy, and I think a single word can be one of the most powerful weapons in the world. I’ve been writing for fun since I was 12 years old, but I’ve been too shy to share any writing publicly. I have, however, edited more blogs/websites than I can count (maybe even one of yours)!

My aim is to center my world–how I see things, how I react to people, how I do life–around Christ; everything begins and ends with Him, and I am who I am today by allowing Him to shape me through every trial and circumstance. I hope to share a little more of that with you through this blog as well as give you a little glimpse into my quirkiness and what makes me, “Mytch.”

Meet Whitney

I’m Whitney. People call me Whitney mostly, but I can’t say I’ve never gotten the occasional, “Whit,” ”Whittle,” or even “Winnifred.” When I’m not chasing my lovely three-year old, Oliver or nursing his sister, Celia, you can find me reading, creating, or daydreaming. My husband and I definitely have a case of the wander bug, despite the fact that we aren’t able to spend nearly as much time traveling as we would like. We’re also sort of jacks of all trades. I have quite the hobby of making children’s books, journals, invitations, and just about anything I can make. My husband sticks to furniture and other wooden things.

My love of writing and English has gone back about as far as I can remember. I’ve had just about every type of blog thing growing up that I knew existed. Remember Xanga or MyPage, anyone? I even tried to write a few stories as a naive 12-year-old. While I’m not new to writing, I’ve been reluctant to start a blog, because frankly, everyone and their mama has one these days, and on the note of displaying my crafts, I’ve been extremely shy. The fear of failure has been strong with this one.

Writing began for me with prayer journals, so you may find that a bit of my writing will involve my musings, prayers, and poems. Who knows what else? Regardless, through this blog, I hope to unveil my quirkiness to you. I hope you enjoy!

Meet The Whittled Trees


The name of the blog is a combination of a play on words on Whitney (whittled) and the meaning of Mytra’s name (Myrtle tree). We were inspired by the quote by Henry David Thoreau which states, “Having each some shingles of thought well dried, we sat and whittled them.” Through this blog we will have many conversations, and don’t be surprised if a post by one of us links to a response by the other. In this method, we will “whittle our thoughts,” and hopefully, create something that can appeal to each of our readers.

We have two different perspectives and lead two different lives. One of us is single and the other is married, one with children and one without but both with experiences that have shaped us, both with thoughts, both with ideas. Both of us write but are timidly approaching the blogging world.

Blogging has always in the back of our minds, but it’s not something either one of us wanted to try alone(after all, neither one of us is a Gryffindor). Together, we are giving this thing a shot, and we are excited about sharing our thoughts with you. We hope that you enjoy reading what we have to say, and we urge you to join in on the conversation by commenting, sharing, and liking!