I Gave Up Again

I’ve mastered the art of giving up. For a long time, I’ve wanted to be a runner, which is funny to me because I don’t really like the process of running. I really only enjoy when it’s over. I feel so accomplished! I also like the challenge. Running creates some of the best competition against … Continue reading I Gave Up Again


It’s Just Another Day

Valentine’s day, a definition: the day that transforms every storefront into a red and pink, heart, flower, and balloon-filled wonderland, the day to tell your significant other, “I love you” with more than words, the day where how much money you spend determines how much you care, the day designed to make the single person … Continue reading It’s Just Another Day

I Need a Sharpener

Believe it or not, I don't like sharing my feelings. Though I cry a lot and sometimes even in front of people, I’m always extremely embarrassed by it, and if I could control that, I would! It is rare that I will just tell you how I feel about something unless you ask, and even … Continue reading I Need a Sharpener

Are We There Yet?

This summer I took my grandmother on a road trip with me to three cities I had never been to before: Charleston, Asheville, and Savannah. We spent one night in Asheville, two nights in Charleston, and the last night was spent in Savannah. There was a lot of driving involved, and if you've ever been … Continue reading Are We There Yet?

I Can’t Sing

I can't sing. I can't even hum a tune. There are times when I've tried singing well known songs, and people aren't even able to recognize them. When I was a kid, I once got a karaoke machine for Christmas(who didn't?), and I would sing, “I Will Always Love You,” or some Celine Dion power … Continue reading I Can’t Sing

How Are You?

A couple weeks ago, I was asked a simple question, "How are you doing?” and hesitantly, I said to my friend, “I'm good.. how are you?” I knew the person well; in fact, I consider her a very good friend. She stopped, touched me on the shoulder, and said again, “How are you?” That did … Continue reading How Are You?