OMG! Seriously…?

Negativity is everywhere, all the time. It's like every blog or article on my newsfeed includes a rant and something to be miserable about or offended over. Someone told you to cherish your time with your kids and that made you feel like you didn't enjoy them enough? Shame on them! Shame on people around … Continue reading OMG! Seriously…?


You’d Be So Pretty if You Were Thin

“You’d be so pretty if you were thin,” my aunt said. She had sat me down and shown me a picture my uncle had taken a week prior while my sister and I pretended to be models. I’m sure she thought that saying this to me as fragile 11 year old would somehow convince me … Continue reading You’d Be So Pretty if You Were Thin

The Father I Never Knew

Fatherlessness... it's an epidemic these days, or so it seems. There are so many children who grow up and live their entire lives with fathers who either never know them or pop in and out when it's “convenient.” I'm the child who never knew her father. My mother moved my sister, Janishi, and I back … Continue reading The Father I Never Knew

I am a Memory

How do you write a blog post when you have kids? Or really, how do you write a blog post when you have an Oliver and an infant Celia(though, she's really hardly demanding at all)? On your phone, that's the answer. You write it while you make your Oliver some tea and leave your Sweet … Continue reading I am a Memory

“We’re goin on a ‘venture!'”

Our friends, Mytra and Callie came to visit us in Louisiana this weekend, so we all decided, being that there is nothing to do in West Monroe, to visit New Orleans on Friday. We, of course, would have the children in tow. Excitedly, we got up that morning and hustled to get showered, dressed, and … Continue reading “We’re goin on a ‘venture!'”